Benefits Of Installed Terraced Window Wells In Your Basement

If you want to upgrade your basement and bring more light into it, you should consider installing a terraced window well in your basement. Here are a few of the benefits that come with installing a terraced window well into your basement, as well as some information about what exactly is a terraced window well.

How A Terraced Window Well Works

Normally, basement windows are very small and are designed to allow light through the foot or so of the top of your basement that is not underground. When you look at your house from the outside, the basement windows appear to be in line with the ground around your home. When you are in your basement, normal basement windows are located across the top of your basement and let in a limited amount of light.

A terraced window well allows you to let in a whole lot more light and changes the appearance of your house inside as well as out. To create a terraced window well, you would need to dig out an area around where you want the window, generally a space that is between three or four feet wide and three or four feet across. You will also dig out that same amount of length into the ground.

Essentially, you will create a “pit” where the window will go. However, you will not just leave this as a dirt pit, you will use wood to create a terraced effect around the hole where you can plant flowers and create a view. This will allow you to install a normal size window like you would in the rest of your house that will look out on your sunken garden terrace that you created.

The Amount Of Natural Light In Your Basement Will Increase

One of the biggest benefits of installing a terraced window or windows in your basement is that you will dramatically increase the amount of natural light in your basement. Instead of getting just a sliver of natural light, you’ll be able to enjoy a natural light in your basement just like you do throughout the rest of your house.

It Will Be Easier To Control Humidity Levels In Your Basement

It can be difficult to control the humidity levels in your basement when you only have small windows in your basement that let in light but do not open. When you have no natural air source in your basement, you have to rely on your HVAC system or a humidifier to control the level of humidity in your basement and keep the air smelling and feeling fresh.

When you install a terraced window well, you should be able to install a large window that you can open up. This will allow natural air to flow in your basement, and will make it easier for you to control the humidity levels in your basement. It should also prevent your basement from getting that stale feeling that is so common in basements.

If you install vinyl windows, you’ll have the added benefit of their insulating and waterproof properties as well.

Your Basement Will Feel More Nature Friendly

With a terraced window well, you can plant flowers in the terraced holders that will go around the pit where your window is. This will allow you to add a touch of nature and color to your basement. When you look at your basement window, instead of seeing the ground, you will see the wooden encasement, flowers, and a touch of blue sky.

If you want your basement to have more natural light and to have access to fresh air, you should consider installing terraced window wells in your basement. They will give your basement a touch of class and make your basement feel more open to the outside world. 

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