How To Prepare For Overhead Garage Door Installation

Installing new overhead garage doors has many benefits, some of which you might not even realize. Not only will new garage doors add a completely new style dynamic to your exterior, they can also make your home more energy efficient, they run quieter than your current doors and they can ultimately increase the value of your property. The installation of a rolling garage door can take a few days, so you need to figure out some logistical issues. The difficulty of this will largely depend on how much junk you have in your garage. This article explains how to efficiently prepare your garage for the installation of new doors. This will save you time and money, since the installers will not have to charge you labor hours for the prep work.

How the Doors are Installed

Garage doors have to be delicately hung onto the tracks. Many garage doors are made out of thin materials like vinyl or aluminum. These materials are flimsy and fragile, especially before they are installed into the tracks. Because of this, installers need to lay them flat onto the garage floor. They place them directly below where they will be hung, which lines up with how the door rests when the garage is in the open position. This means you need to clear out this entire space.

Clearing Off Your Floor

The best way to figure out the size of the area you need to clean up is to measure the height of your garage door. Then, you measure the distance from the front of the garage (the threshold) into the garage. Mark a straight line. But, make sure you leave a few extra feet on each side so the workers have space. In most cases, you will need to remove any shelving or cabinets on the sides of your garage. This is especially true if they go all the way to the ceiling. The overhead tracks need to be hung from the ceiling, so any things hanging or attached to the ceiling also needs to be removed.

Of course, you will probably have a bunch of valuables and items in your garage that you cannot just leave laying on your driveway for a few days while this process is going on. You should either rent a storage pod or move as much stuff as possible into your home and just live with the clutter.

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