Why Your School Should Consider Upgrading Its Doors

One element of building or renovating a home that is overlooked quite often is the doors throughout the home. Learn how to choose the best.

Why Your School Should Consider Upgrading Its Doors

Why Your School Should Consider Upgrading Its Doors

11 November 2022
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There is nothing more important to most people in a community than ensuring your students and teachers have a safe space in which to work and learn. With so many tragic incidents over the last several decades, it is no wonder that many schools are considering how to ensure that this protection is guaranteed, and that is where a school security door system can come into play. Many schools still simply have traditional doors that are no different from what you would find in a residential home or a shopping center, but if you want to give your children the safest possible place, then you need to consider school security doors.

Stronger Construction

Perhaps the most immediate and pressing concern that many teachers and parents have is that most doors at their school are too easy to physically break into. A couple of determined kicks can open almost any aging door that a public (or private) school may have. Security doors, on the other hand, have a much stronger construction and are built to withstand blunt force trauma to a much higher degree. Their connective joints are much more solid and often incorporate strong metals that will hurt the assailant before they will give in and break. 

Access Systems

Another issue with security in many schools, particularly large ones that cannot be easily monitored at all times, is that many doors are left open and can simply be walked through by anyone looking to cause problems. If you haven't upgraded your security door system to ensure that there is some kind of access key that only approved personnel have, then you might want to consider doing so immediately. This can be a universal key or something like a key card system. Card systems are also great because they monitor who is going through doors so you can have a log to look back on. 

More Costly, But Worth It

While it is true that upgrading your school's doors to a more robust and advanced system will cost more than you might want to pay for simple doors, the benefit for most kids and teachers is huge. Not only do they feel safe to continue day-to-day activities in school, but they now have a defense mechanism for a whole range of issues from strangers wandering the school to angry students trying to get into a classroom to fight. Security doors have incredible construction quality that can last for years without issue, and the safety of students should be paramount so you should at least consider installing these doors at all the major entrances, if not replacing all the doors with security upgrades.

To learn more, contact a school security door system provider in your area.

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