Why Planning Is Key To An Overhead Door Installation

One element of building or renovating a home that is overlooked quite often is the doors throughout the home. Learn how to choose the best.

Why Planning Is Key To An Overhead Door Installation

Why Planning Is Key To An Overhead Door Installation

17 April 2023
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An overhead door installation can seem like a relatively simple project, especially if you're working with a contractor. However, it still requires significant planning for the following five reasons. 


Optimizing the space in a garage is important. The fit can be too tight, though. You want to have enough room around the door when it's up to ensure you can work on it. Someone will eventually have to do overhead door replacement work, and they'd appreciate it if you left them enough space to get their hands and tools into the space. Likewise, a contractor will probably have to do repairs in the future.

You also want the door to fit well when it's down. A poor fit can lead to energy efficiency issues or compromise security. You want the door to have the fewest gaps possible without affecting the door's overall operation.


Poorly aligned overhead doors can be problematic. Even if the door is cooperative now, poor alignment rarely ages well. Over time, the rollers and rails will get gummier. Also, parts can suffer dents. Defects will accumulate, and they'll cause operational issues sooner if the alignment isn't great.

Improper alignment can also strain the components. The motor might be able to overcome a poor alignment for now, but the extra stress could shorten its operating life. Similarly, the power needed to overcome the stress of even a slight misalignment could consume significantly more electricity.


Many municipalities, industries, and HOAs have rules for overhead doors. You don't want to have to remove and replace your doors within weeks of installing them. Talk with all the relevant parties to ensure that your doors will comply with regulations and needs. Replay these requirements to the contractor who'll be handling the overhead door installation so they can plan for them accordingly.


Poorly planned projects tend to take longer and cause disruptions. Even something as simple as where you're going to park your vehicles during the process has implications if you end up blocking off a street. Try to anticipate all of the possible disruptions so you and the contractor can prepare for each.


Safety is another victim of poor planning. You want to be on the same page with the contractor to ensure that the utilities will be off while they're working on systems. Also, they'll need a safe place to stage equipment, materials, and vehicles while they work.

Contact a company that offers overhead door installation services for more information.

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