Three Traits Of A Craftsman-Style Entry Door

One element of building or renovating a home that is overlooked quite often is the doors throughout the home. Learn how to choose the best.

Three Traits Of A Craftsman-Style Entry Door

Three Traits Of A Craftsman-Style Entry Door

30 August 2023
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Your front door is one of the primary focal points on the exterior of your home, so it's important to have one that offers the right look. If you're not content with the current appearance of the door, visiting a residential entry door supplier will give you a chance to find the right door. As you browse your options, you can expect to see several Craftsman-style doors. While you might not know this type of door by its name, you'll almost certainly recognize it — and you may find that this style will be the best choice for your home. Here are three common traits of a Craftsman-style entry door.

Wooden Construction

Residential entry doors can be made of several different materials, including steel, fiberglass, and wood. Craftsman-style front doors are generally made of wood, although you may occasionally find some that are made of fiberglass that is designed to look like wood. The wooden construction of your Craftsman-style door offers what many people feel is a timeless look. While certain other front doors might appear very trendy right now, they may not offer the lasting power of a Craftsman-style. If you don't like the idea of having to change your door a few years from now, the classic look of a Craftsman style is a good choice.

Window Insert

If you like the idea of having a small window insert in your front door, there's a good chance that a Craftsman-style door will suit you. This type of door generally has several small panes of glass on the upper third of the door. The glass itself can vary from door to door. It's often clear, but you may occasionally see Craftsman-style doors that have tinted or frosted glass. Lots of homeowners like having a small window insert because it allows natural light to flow into the home but isn't big enough to pose a security risk.


While some wooden entry doors have a flat look, Craftsman-style doors generally have decorative wooden paneling. The exact design of the paneling can vary a little from door to door, but its presence helps to create somewhat of a three-dimensional look that adds style to the door. If you find that a wooden front door with a plain look feels a little drab, a Craftsman-style door will likely offer the style that you want. Visit an entry door supplier to check out its inventory of Craftsman-style doors. 

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